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Paint chip Repair - £60.00

Mix colour to manufacturer paint specification and apply where necessary to chips covering the car.

Quarter bumper scuff/repair - £75.00
Repairs to scuffs and scratches done by flatting filling and repairing. 

Seat repair - velour/leather - £75.00

repairs to damaged seats and carpet damage. 

Dashboard repair - £75.00

Repairs to plastic trim and dashboard incorporating scratches, nicks and marks. 

Windscreen repair - £35.00

Repairs to chips/starbursts and bullseyes utilising professional windscreen repair equipment.

Full bumper scuff/paint repair - £125.00

Repairs to bumoer to include large areas not covered by quarter scuff repair. 

Wing mirror repaint - £40.00

repairs to scuffed and scratched mirrors which may also require flatting, filling and repainting. 

Full vehicle machine polish - £150.00

Machine polish out light scratches on entire vehicle. 

Dent repairs (per panel) - £55.00

Small to medium dents removed. 

Painted alloy wheels repairs (single) - £50.00

repairs to single painted alloy wheel that requires flatting, painting and re-lacquering. 

Full set alloy wheel repair - £160.00

repairs to a full set of alloy wheels that requires flatting, painting and re-lacquering.