4 wheel alignment


Gormac have recently installed the Supertracker STR400R professional four wheel alignment system this allows us to carry out accurate alignment with before and after read out.

The aligner's computer uses the new eight sensor measuring system to calculate your cars current measurements then instructs us as to which angles we need to adjust.

The four main angles of alignment we look at are Camber, Caster, front & rear toe and thrust angle.

4 wheel alignment benefits:

SAFER DRIVING - When carrying out an alignment we check suspension parts for worn parts. 

TYRE WEARER - Poor alignment may cause premature tyre wear resulting in needing new tyres.

FUEL ECONOMY - A correctly aligned vehicle will have less resistance so your MPG will increase 

IMPROVED HANDLING - A correct aligned vehicle will stop pulling to one aide, steering wheel vibration and other handling problems.


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